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Hi, my name is Ben. I have been an athlete in 3 different sports. A semi pro in one, National Championship winner in another and an International athlete in the last. My work ethic could not be faulted, I was physically in great condition and I certainly had the desire to succeed.


But I never achieved my ultimate goals because back then I lacked confidence, self-esteem and the belief in myself which held me back from reaching the next level.


Although discovering the secrets and necessity of working on your mental skill set came too late for my competitive career, I now deliver the same passion, desire and determination, along with my team of coaches in helping athletes and coaches just like you to fulfil your rugby potential.








Our team of coaches are passionate about developing healthy athletes and coaches who love their sport.

We have coaches that offer:

  1. Group Mastermind Coaching
  2. Mental Preparation for Peak Performance
  3. Individual Coaching Sessions for Resilience on Gameday
  4. Communication Skills for Coach Development
  5. Strength & Conditoning Consulting
  6. Culture Creation for Teams

We are having great success in rugby performance.

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