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6 Week Rugby Results Coaching


We deliver our unique introduction course to the essential knowledge you need to be able to succeed consistently at the highest levels in rugby and life. During our coaching sessions and workshops you will discover:


The Mindset of Champions – Research tells us the characteristics of mindset that “Super Champions” possess. You can have this mental toughness too!


Ways to crack your unconscious mind – Neuro Science uncovers what makes us tick and how to use the power of your mind to reach the next level and beyond.


How to plan your destiny – Clarity is King when making it to the top. Don’t reach the end of your career saying to yourself “what if”.


Growing your brand – you are more than just a player, you are your business and your business is you. Successful companies create trust and provide value. This is a game changer for both aspiring & professional athletes.


Why you’ve gotta have a strategy – without them you can’t consistently replicate success in the future.


We guide players, coaches and parents through this essential knowledge in groups via our workshops or to individuals in personal peak performance coaching sessions. We work together with you face to face or anywhere in the world via skype.


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